Don’t be fooled by HIPPO’s online offer, they want your collection fee upfront.

You will pay more than the price shown on their website  if you are booking a collection only

Whereas with a SKIPBAG collection:        “You only Pay, when you want it taken away”

So you can start that DIY project without emptying your pocket on clearance fees!

Join the queue of Ex-HIPPO customers who want to save money by using SKIP BAG.

Let us help you choose the right skip bag for that spring clean.

THE MIDI SKIP BAG (Most popular)

The Midi Skip Bag is our most popular. Ideal for shed, loft or general tidy. The bag comes flat packed, opens to a size of 90cm x 90cm x 90cm (the size you’d get gravel delivered in) We also recommend this bag for heavy inert material like brick rubble, broken slabs and soil from a dig out. This bag will hold 1 cubic yard, equivalent to 1tonne. (approx. 10 barrow loads)

Buy a Bag: £8.99 (Hippobag £11.99 You save £3)

Collection From: £64.99* (Hippo £99.99 You save £35)

*Our collection fees may vary across the UK please check before purchase


The Mega Skip Bag is perfect for home improvements or a garden tidy. The bag comes flat packed, opens to a size of 90 x 180 x 70cm it will also fit an entire bathroom suite in it, making it an ideal choice for plumbers and keen renovators. We also recommend this size bag for general junk removal like garage or cellar clearance. This bag will hold 1.5 cubic yards equivalent to 1.5 tonne.

Buy a Bag: £11.99 (Hippobag £13.99 You save £2)

Collection From: £89.99* (Hippo £134.99 You save £45)

*Our collection fees may vary across the UK please check before purchase


The Mighty Skip Bag comes flat packed, opens to a size of 122 x 244 x 100cm (will fit a full scale room renovation like a kitchen or bedroom revamp: ie: beds, sofas, kitchen units etc.) We also recommend this skip bag for house clearances, large scale junk removal or a general garden tidy. This bag will hold 4 cubic yards of rubbish, equivalent to 1.5 tonne of waste. (No inert material like bricks, soil)

Buy a Bag: £25.99 (Hippobag £31.99 You save £6)

Collection From: £169.99* (Hippo £199.99 You save £30)

*Our collection fees may vary across the UK please check before purchase

No more expensive road permits

Skip Bags can be lifted from awkward locations, over fences and walls, eradicating the need for a permit.

Use a skipbag at your convenience

Unlike a skip, you can buy a skipbag at any time and store it away for later use.

Save time and money

Save time looking around for quotes. Save money hiring a skip when you can buy a skip!

skipbag  ‘v’ skip?

  1. It can be kept flat pack in the shed or cupboard ready to take on that job, so no waiting for a skip to arrive.
  2. In many cases it works out cheaper than a skip for small to medium clear-outs.
  3. If you have limited space, a skip bag can be placed in awkward spots where you wouldn’t get a skip.
  4. Only pay for the removal when you are ready, whereas a skip it’s upfront fees every time.

skipbag ‘v’ hippobag?

  1. You only Pay for the collection when you want it taken away
  2. We are much cheaper than Hippo Bag for bag purchase and removal fees
  3. Skip Bag keep local people in business by using local facilities near to you, whereas Hippo transport their waste far and wide. (not good for the environment)
  4. We have been around waste recycling and skip hire since 1973, Hippo have been around since 2002 and don’t even run their own skip hire or national waste recycling facility.

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Hey! did you know… SKIPBAG™ offer the perfect rubbish removal solution for you Weekend Warriors,  you One Man Bands and you Commercial Connoisseurs who find that spontaneity comes second nature, you know who you are, well now you can add to your portfolio of ingenious discoveries and give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back, because you have found your ideal partner in grime, you are a Renegade of Junk… so go forth and multi-buy. (buy up to three skip bags and pay only one shipping fee!!)