3 sizes… Are the magic number


The Midi Skip Bag is just the job for a small DIY project or general tidy. The bag comes flat packed, opens to a size of 90cm x 90cm x 90cm (the sized bag you’d usually get a tonne of sand delivered in) We also recommend this size Skip Bag for heavy inert material like brick rubble, broken slabs and soil from a dig out. This bag will hold 1 cubic yard, equivalent to 1 tonne.

 Price comparison: HIPPOBAG: £99.99

SKIPBAG: £59.99* (£40 less than hippobag)

*Prices may vary across the UK


The Mega Skip Bag is perfect for home improvements or a garden tidy. The bag comes flat packed, opens to a size of 90 x 180 x 70cm (it will fit an entire bathroom suite in it, making it an ideal choice for trade professionals and keen DIYers) We also recommend this size Skip Bag for general junk removal from sheds, garages and cellars. This bag will hold 1.5 cubic yards equivalent to 1.5 tonne.

 Price comparison: HIPPOBAG: £119.99

SKIPBAG: £82.99* (£37 less)

*Prices may vary across the UK


The Mighty Skip Bag comes flat packed, opens to a size of 122 x 244 x 100cm (will fit a full scale room renovation like a kitchen or bedroom revamp: ie: beds, sofas, kitchen units etc.) We also recommend this skip bag for house clearances, large scale junk removal or a general garden tidy. This bag will hold 4 cubic yards of rubbish, equivalent to 1.5 tonne of waste. (No inert material like bricks, soil)

Price comparison: HIPPOBAG: £179.99

SKIPBAG: £139.99* (40 less)

*Prices may vary across the UK

No more expensive road permits

Skip Bags can be lifted from awkward locations, over fences and walls, eradicating the need for a permit.

Use a skipbag at your convenience

Unlike a skip, you can buy a skipbag at any time and store it away for later use.

Save time and money

Save time looking around for quotes. Save money hiring a skip when you can buy a skip!

Why choose a skipbag over a skip or Hippo bag?

With experience comes knowledge, so with a family history in waste management since 1973, we feel best placed to offer our opinion on the arrival of the  SKIPBAG™ as The modern alternative to any domestic or commercial waste removals project. Unlike a skip, our skipbag service has no time restrictions, so if a hiccup halts your project you needn’t worry about the rubbish removal process; just concentrate on what is important and the skipbag will always be there when you’re back on track! Hippo bags are as every bit as good as ours, but are extremely expensive compared to a skip, here at SKIPBAG  we can offer a cheaper price due to our network of franchised service providers that will always give a better, faster and more reliable LOCAL service than a company who are passing thru once a week burning unnecessary carbon emissions along the way: our less mileage approach helps keep our costs down for you, So why not avoid those extortionate road permit charges, elliminate cheeky buggers who fill your skip when your not looking, and best of all take your time to carry out that project you have been planning for a while by getting a SKIPBAG™ and just following our simple skipbag placement guidelines and you’ll be set up in no time at all. Our friendly, (been there done it) staff will help you to ensure that your experience is a great one from start to finish. So go ahead and see the benefits for yourself: Buy a skipbag today!

Latest News

Rubbish removal can be a chore. You might wonder how skip bag differs from a traditional skip hire, here’s how. At Skipbag we provide an easy flat packed container that can be purchased from a store near you, or ordered from our online store direct to your door. The skip bag can be easily stored in a shed or cupboard until you are ready to take on that project, so there is no waiting for a skip to arrive, just open and begin filling: no delays or expense with arranging road permit. Once your Skip bag is full, give us a call, or book a collection online and one of our local operators will pick up your skip bag within 3 – 5 working days. With an easy to use service like this, who needs old fashioned skips?! Find the perfect skip bag for your refuse needs and order today for easy to manage rubbish removal and collection.

Hey! did you know… SKIPBAG™ offer the perfect rubbish removal solution for you Weekend Warriors,  you One Man Bands and you Commercial Connoisseurs who find that spontaneity comes second nature, you know who you are, you are the guys and girls who always make sure your cuppa is on the right of the tray, those of you that read every bit of text on a home page and those of you that find Piers Morgan a guilty pleasure on GMB, well now you can add to your portfolio of ingenious discoveries and give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back, because you have found your ideal partner in grime, you are a Renegade of Junk… so go forth and multi-buy. (buy up to three skip bags and pay only one shipping fee!!)