How Does it Work?

If you are new to the world of SKIPBAG™ then let us give you a quick description of how it all works.

BUY-IT: Firstly you need to buy a skip bag to best suit your project. There is no need to pay for the disposal just yet, all we are asking for is the price of the bag. You have three options available:

1. You can either order one online to be delivered to your door

2. Collect a skip bag from a local stockist

3. Or if you already have a yellow Hippobag, this will suffice as we collect these too.

BAG-IT: Once you have read the instructions attached to the bag or on the back of the outer packaging, you can begin loading your skip bag. No rush, you can take as long as you like.

LIFT-IT: Once your skip bag is full, you can book and pay for your collection and disposal either online or by phone on 0333 9000 123, then one of our friendly collection vehicles will be along in 3 to 5 working days to take it away. Please ensure you are ready and access to the bag is available at all times from the date you book it, as delays such as obstructions or overloaded bags may incur an additional charge.

That’s it, it is that simple. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

What is a Skip Bag?

In plain terms a SKIP BAG is a strong and durable bag that can be used just like a skip or for any other purpose for that matter. They come flat packed so you can buy it today, and store it away in your garage, shed or cupboard allowing you to organise your project in your own time and not be at the mercy of the weather, expensive road permits or hire terms like with a conventional skip – its ready when you are.

What can I put in my Skip Bag?

We accept waste from Home DIY projects, House Clearances, Garden refuse, Junk from your Garage, Loft or cellar, Debris from major refurbishments, construction and demolition waste* from renovations – and welcome trade and domestic customers. *NOTE: Plasterboard waste is only accepted in a separate skip bag. If you are disposing of soil or brick rubble, it would be appreciated if you could avoid waste contamination by mixing general waste whilst loading. Place light waste on top. Quick Guide to what WE CAN accept Outdoors: All Garden waste, Soils, Brick rubble, Concrete, Slabs, Tarmac, Stone, PVCu Windows, Glass, Greenhouses, Sheds, Garden Tools, Lawn Mowers, Pond Linings and Garden features, Trees & Shrubs, Plant Pots, Garden Furniture, BBQ’s, Leisure Gas Bottles, Fencing, Walls, Outdoor Toys, Slides & Swings, Storage Units, Old Bikes, Tools. Indoors: Wooden furniture and items, Laminate Flooring, Carpets (preferably in bin liners) Furniture, TV’s, Stereos, DVD & Video Players, Digi Boxes, Satellite Dishes, Sofas, Microwaves, Cookers, Electrical Appliances, Sinks, Kitchen Units, Worktops, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Kids Toys, Mattress, Beds, Wardrobes, Bathtubs, Toilets, Doors, Fireplaces, Radiators, Plumbing & heating tanks & Cylinders, Clothing, Bedding, Loft Clutter, Office Filing Cabinets, Computer Peripherals, Printers, Scanners, Mobile Phones & Electrical Gizmos. Quick guide to what WE CANNOT accept We cannot accept anything that is Hazardous or Toxic. Items such as Asbestos, Car Oil, Tyres, Tins of paint, Dirty Nappies, Animal Faeces, Underlay, Felt, Food Waste, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Medical Waste, Pesticides, Chemical Waste & Solvents. Some Hazardous items that we may be able to collect by special arrangement will carry an extra charge are: Fridges or Freezers, Plasterboard Gypsum (this type of material will only be collected as bagged and dry with no other waste type contamination) also TV and computer monitors. We list these items separately because these have to be disposed of under licensed conditions which do incur an additional charge. PLEASE NOTE: We only offer this type of service in certain areas of the UK, please call us for more information and costs, as this type of service an only be arranged by phone. You can call us LOCAL RATE: 0333 9000 123

Why is the number on the Skip Bag not working?

Unfortunately, we have relocated to our larger  (and much warmer) offices, 0333 9000 123 is our new number, sorry for any inconvenience or confusion we may have caused, but you can also get us on email at

I think we are down to our last few thousand now, and these will go quick enough, so you should start seeing the new SKIPBAG branded ones filtering through soon.

Why have I received a skip bag with Bag-it logo on it?

Before we sold our share of Amber Skip Hire many moons ago, we kept the trading name of Bag-it Waste for the skip bag side of the business, as we saw the potential these little buggers had!

In 2015 we amalgamated with some geniuses who had been working on some really clever and patented waste removal containers, so we joined forces and rebranded ourselves as SKIPBAG.

But as you know from the Q&A above we had some existing Bag-it skip bags still filtering through, so don’t worry, it is us, the products are still the same, just some people who are much better looking than us collecting them…

Why use a Skip Bag instead of a skip?

A SKIP BAG has many advantages over hiring a conventional skip. Once you have purchased your SKIP BAG, you can start when you like, and take as long as you like, whereas the period of hire for a steel skip is usually 7-10 days regardless of the weather forecast. Arranging a road permit for a skip can be costly, time consuming and in a lot of cases impossible to get sited on tight and narrow streets, whereas a SKIP BAG is perfect for people who have limited space for a skip, no drive at all or ideal for those who would prefer to not have a rusty old skip on their property. A specialist truck can lift a SKIP BAG from awkward locations over walls and fences*. A SKIP BAG is made from a strong durable material which will not damage your drive, or leave rust marks when it rains. Also unlike a skip lorry, we can make multiple collections to several properties in one journey, making us cheaper and much more environmentally friendly. * If you are unsure where to position your bag, please read instructions attached to the bag or call us on 0333 9000 123 to check with us before positioning your SKIP BAG behind a wall or fence. Please note, inaccessible bags will result in a failed collection charge.

Where do I set up my Skip Bag?

Depending on your property layout, ideally you need to ensure the centre of your SKIP BAG is no more than 4 metres (13ft.) away from the roadside. The heavier the content, the closer it needs to be to the roadside. Unlike a conventional skip lorry that lifts a skip from the spot it was originally dropped off at, a specialist collection truck will need to lift your SKIP BAG from the side, so therefore we are relying on you to site the SKIP BAG within these strict guidelines: positioning is imperative to the success of your unhindered retrieval. Try to avoid placing the SKIP BAG where there are overhead cables, trees or close to structures and vehicles. SKIP BAGS placed on the driveway are the most accessible, which will speed up the collection process.

How do I set up my Skip Bag?

Once you have unfolded your SKIP BAG, observe the attached instructions to assemble the SKIP BAG. See diagram below.

Which sized Skip Bag is best for my Project?

To give you an indication of what size is best will always be determined by how you load it. A good guide would normally be based on the size of items you need to get rid of. If you are digging your garden, or carrying out a small DIY project like ripping out a fireplace, the Midi SKIP BAG is just the job. If you are taking on a home improvement like replacing a bathroom suite, or clearing the shed, the Mega SKIP BAG will make light work of this. If you are clearing a house of bulky items such as three-seater sofas, wardrobes or double beds then the Mighty SKIP BAG will swallow this type of waste with ease. PLEASE NOTE: NO HEAVY WASTE SUCH AS SOIL OR BRICK TO BE LOADED IN THE MEGA BAG OR MIGHTY BAG.

What if I have more than one Skip Bag to collect?

Collecting multiple SKIP BAGS is easy, unlike a skip lorry we can make multiple collections from many locations in one journey, which makes our service an environmentally friendly option by reducing our carbon footprint and clogging up the roads. We do offer a multi bag collections discount in some areas, please email or call us to enquire if this is an option in your area.

Where can I purchase a SKIP BAG?

Purchasing a SKIP BAG has never been so easy, our online orders are despatched the same day, and will arrive to you within 2-3 working days at your door. (some areas of the UK may take longer) Alternatively, you have access to a network of outlets across the UK, as skip bags can be purchased at B&Q, Wickes, Jewson, Travis Perkins as well as many independent hardware stores, and we offer a cheaper alternative collection in most cases. To find out where to purchase a SKIP BAG please call us on 0333 9000 123.

How strong is a Skip Bag?

The SKIP BAG is made from a woven material that gives it such strength, so even if it is punctured it will not continue to tear. Please do not attempt to move or drag the SKIP BAG once full, this may cause the load to spill out or worse still cause you an injury. It is not waterproof and will not fill with water, so if you are considering loading clothes for charity or rolled up carpets, please place these type of items in a bin liners. Although our SKIP BAG’s are limited to 1500kgs weight capacity, our SKIP BAG’s have actually been stress tested and certified for safety, unfortunately most cranes can only lift to a total of 1500kgs at a time.

I have a bag that’s not yours, would you collect it?

Yes. If you are happy that the bag is not damaged, and will take the weight of your waste, we will take this as well. We also take away builders merchant bags and Hippo Bags. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any liability if the bag fails in the process of removal and any damage would be the responsibility of the customer. We would need you to sign a damage waiver before we attempt to lift. Please call to discuss. 0333 9000 123

Do you hire skips as well?

Yes we do, our family have been involved in and around skip hire and waste management since 1973, we were one of the predecessors  of waste recycling, so if you feel you need something bigger, or you are a business requiring a more perminant siting, we can offer via our network of operators 4cuyd, 8cuyd, 12cuyd, open and enclosed skips, as well as 20 and 40cuyd roll on roll off skips. For business premises on long term contract hire, we also offer wheelie bins, FEL’s and REL’s for light compactable waste. Please call us on 0333 9000 123 to discuss our skip hire service.

Do you service my area?

We currently cover most parts of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Southampton, East and West Sussex, Bournemouth, Brighton & Hove, Essex, Canterbury, Stoke on Trent,. Stafford, Norfolk, Ipswich, Northampton, Cambridge, Peterborough, Stockton on Tees, Boston, South Wales and a large part of South London. We are expanding rapidly across the UK but if you are unsure please call us to clarify. Although our postcode checker may not bring you the result you desire, always call to see if we can help. Some areas may incur additional service or boundary charges due to their locality or accessibility. Always contact our office first before you start to load your waste bag.  0333 9000 123 as we cannot be held responsible for the removal if we do not cover your area.

Can I load my Skip Bag to the top?

This depends upon which sized SKIP BAG you have purchased, and what you want to dispose of. Please use the following as a guide. Light waste that can be compacted or dismantled: All SKIP BAG sizes can be loaded to the top creating a level load. If you are disposing of heavy waste such as soil, clay, brick rubble or tarmac, the following applies: Midi SKIP BAG – All waste can be loaded JUST shy of the top. Mega SKIP BAG – No inert ie: soil. brick etc. waste, (These terms have been changed recently due to abuse of this size bag) fill to top with light waste. Mighty SKIP BAG –Light bulky waste only. Not suitable for soil/brick rubble projects.

How quick will my bag be collected?

Once you have booked and paid for your collection process, we aim on collecting within 5 FULL working days which begins once we have processed the job card. We are unable to give you a specific time of arrival due to several factors. Our trucks are a multi collection vehicle, that have to be at full capacity to make the collection of your SKIP BAG cost effective, which helps us keep the costs down for you. This is why we promote a 5 working day collection to build a ‘milk round’ to make the retrieval process logistically and environmentally efficient. As bookings come in, the route changes and your SKIP BAG will be slotted in which as you can imagine on a UK wide scale changes by the hour. However, we are proud to say that 80% of all collections are made within the first three working days after booking. Do not include the day of booking as the vehicle will already be on the road collecting bags. the 5 working days will begin the day after you have booked it. Please be patient during seasonal holidays when our workload increases.

I cannot see an answer to my query

If we haven’t been able to answer your query, don’t give up, give us a call on our local rate number 0333 9000 123 for immediate response, or email us with your query on

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