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If you are planning a garden tidy, the Mighty bag is perfect to get rid of all manner of junk, from broken toys and garden furniture, to unwanted stuff that you’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages.

Well now’s the best time to clear the shed, garage cellar loft or clip back those hedges with the Mighty skip bag to hand. Remember no time restraints, take as long as you like to fill it!

How Big is it?

This skip bag is as big as a conventional skip, it can carry a volume of 4 cubic yards of junk, this sized bag is ideally suited to clear out large bulky items such as old beds, wardrobes, sofas and much more.

The foot print of the Mighty Skip Bag is whopping 244cm x 122cm, it will eat up most things you can chuck at it.

How do I get my cheaply priced Mighty bag?

Simple… Just purchase a bag by following the instructions here online, when you get to checkout, put MIGHTY17 in the coupon code box and this will automatically half the price of your purchase.

If you need any help, get in touch by calling one of our friendly staff, but don’t mess about, offer ends 17th April.

Good Luck.

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