Skip Bag Warming up for Winter

Many homes across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire will be putting their coal fires to good use as the winter months approach, and the cold weather sets in. Storing coal can be a pain and many houses no longer have coal houses to accommodate the storage of fuel.

Fuel is cheaper to buy in bulk and without coal sacks, however finding suitable storage containers and places, without damaging other belongings can be a bind.

Why not use our Midi Skip Bag as a sturdy coal storage solution? Our Midi bag measures 90cm x 90cm x 90cm, the ideal size to be able to store enough wood or coal to last through the winter months. The bag can be easily stored in an outhouse or garage, keeping the area clean and compacting the storage of fuel.

Skip Bags are reliable, affordable and easy to store until you require them. When winter passes, the skip can be folded down for the following year’s fuel storage or used for the annual spring clean to clear out the house. When you’re ready to dispose of your waste, just give Skipbag a call and we can arrange a convenient collection time.

Get ready for winter with Skipbag.