Three Sizes Available


Just the job for a small DIY project, the Midi Skip is the perfect size for keeping clutter to a minimum whilst you work. We also recommend this size Skip for exterior renovation like unwanted brick rubble and soil from a dig out.


Ideal for home improvements, the Mega Skip will fit an entire bathroom suite in it, making it an ideal choice for trade professionals and keen DIYers alike. If its a project rip out, or a general junk removal, this is the skip for the job.


The Mighty Skip is designed for large home clearouts, or for garden waste like trees, bushes etc., this skip is also ideal for large scale renovation, and is large enough to take sofas, wardrobes and beds. Mighty by name, mighty by nature!

No more expensive road permits

Skip Bags can be lifted from awkward locations, over fences and walls, eradicating the need for a permit.

Use a skip at your convenience

You can buy our skip at any time and store it away for later use.

Save time and money

Save time looking around for quotes. Save money by buying a skip not hiring one!

Why choose our skips?

Our skips let you take on any project at any time you want. As it folds down, you can store it in your garage until you are ready to start working. Our skips have no time restrictions, so if a hiccup halts your project you needn’t worry about the rubbish removal process; just concentrate on what is important and the skip will be there when you’re back on track! A further benefit is the flexibility afforded by the nature of a bag. Our skips let you avoid those road permits and tiresome letters usually involved; just follow our simple skip placement guidelines and you’ll be set up in no time at all. Our friendly, open support team will work along with you to ensure that your experience is great from start to finish. So go ahead and see the benefits for yourself: Buy a skipbag today!

Latest News

Rubbish removal can be a chore. You might wonder how our skip hire differs from a traditional dumpster, here’s how. At Skipbag we provide easy load skips, that can be purchased from a store near you, or ordered direct from our online store direct to your door. The quick skips can be easily stored and then be filled when you are ready without needing a permit. Once your Skip is full, give us a call, or book the rubbish collection online and our drivers will pick up your skip at your convenience. Why not ask us to deliver you a new skip bag on collection, to save you a job next time? With an easy to use service like this, who needs old fashioned skips?! Find the perfect skip for your refuse needs and order today for easy to manage rubbish removal and collection.

If you need to hire a skip to remove rubbish from the workplace or your home, why not try Skipbag instead of conventional skip hire? With various skip sizes available, our economic skips provide a great alternative to skip hire, at affordable prices (generally less than usual skip hire prices).

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